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Saving for retirement is one of our greatest financial priorities, especially as life expectancy is growing and retirements are likely to last longer. It may be the case that you’d prefer to take the reins and have more control over your pension pot.  We are fully independent and can recommend the most suitable pension for you.


Looking for a better return than you currently receive from your savings account?

Inherited a large sum of money and don't know what to do with it?
As independent, whole of market advisers we have access to a broad range of investment opportunities, whether you wish to invest to seek income, growth or a blend of both, we can provide bespoke solutions tailored to your attitude to risk.


Garden Wall is able to advise on a Group Personal Pension (GPP) where there are 6 or more Directors and staff who would be members. We know that choosing a workplace pension can be tricky hence we focus on what really matters. Our workplace pension solutions offer flexible employer contribution levels, high-quality investment options and a range of retirement options.


Garden Wall has full market access to the Insurance market and is not tied to any provider(s). This includes Life Assurance, Relevant Life (for companies and LLP's), Income Protection, Serious and Critical Illness Cover to name a few of the policy types we can advise on. Providers include such well known firms as Vitality, Royal London, Legal & General, Aviva, AIG Life and Scottish Widows.


Some people who make gifts to reduce Inheritance Tax are concerned about losing control of the money. This is where trusts can help. When you set up a trust it is a legal arrangement and you will need to appoint 'trustees' who are responsible for holding and managing the assets.  


If you die without a Will, you are said to have died intestate. Your estate is distributed according to a
pre-set formula and you have no say over who receives what and how much tax is payable. The distribution of the estate of a person that has died intestate are complex and very specific. There is no flexibility or discretion for their variation by the person dealing with the estate.


A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a legal document that allows you to appoint one or more people to make decisions on your behalf during your lifetime. The people you appoint to manage your affairs are called the ‘attorneys’. An LPA is a completely separate legal document to your Will, although many people put them in place at the same time as getting their will written, as part of prudent planning for the future.

"Colin helped me to navigate the baffling journey of making the best choices with the various pension pots l have accumulated.  It is very reassuring to find a financial advisor that l could trust 100%..."

Gary, Sawbridgeworth



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