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Do you really need Life Insurance?

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

Not everyone needs life insurance. But, if your children, partner or other relatives depend on your income to cover the mortgage or other living expenses, then life insurance can be very important.

Do you really need Life Insurance?

There are two main types of life insurance:

  • Term life insurance policies: Run for a fixed period of time – such as 5, 10 or 25 years. These policies only pay out if you die during the policy. There’s no lump sum payable at the end of the policy term.

  • A whole-of-life policy: Will pay out no matter when you die, as long as you keep up with your payments.

It’s a good idea to speak with an expert before taking out life insurance to make sure you’ve got the right policy for you and your family. Experts can ensure that you are putting in place the best possible outcome for your loved ones should the worst occur.

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